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45 minute sports massage - £30

60 minute sports massage - £35

90 minute sports massage - £45

120 minute sports massage - £55

Select the length of sports massage you require and cupping and/or guasha can be included in the appointment if you choose at no extra cost. A postural analysis will be included if required, as well as an injury assessment. 

The following locations are available:

Warrington - WA2

Wigan - WN5

Mobile service within Warrington and Wigan

Sports massage

Sports massage is used to treat tight and sore muscles as well as targeting knots and trigger points. Whether you're an athlete, casual gym goer or working behind a desk, sports massage can help to improve mobility and elasticity in the muscles. 


Cupping is a treatment used to increase blood flow and break down adhesions in the muscle. The treatment involves placing suction cups over tight points of the body and either moving the cups or keeping them stationary which may relieve muscle tension. This may leave some circular marks on the skin indicating tightness in that area.


Guasha is a treatment used to break down adhesions and scar tissue in the muscle. The treatment involves tools being pressed against the skin to treat the muscle underneath. This treatment may leave some redness or speckled marks on the skin indicating tension in the area.

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